The Adventures of Jetson

Videos of Jetson

Here are the latest videos of Jetson. See also videos from his first 2 years and some photos.

Note: These videos are hosted on YouTube. If they are not working, it may be that your server or workplace is blocking YouTube.

TV Star (April 2015)

There was a story on channel 9 news in Perth about the Jetson's Auskick group (Starkick), featuring Jetson at about 30 seconds in (wearing number 13).


Scootering (Nov 2012)

Jetson got a scooter for his 3rd birthday. It does not look like it will take him long to get the hang of it.


Climbing into Bed (June 2012)

Jetson demonstrating his skills, climbing into bed all by himself

Jetson Roar (June 2012)

painted tiger face

Jetson Combing his hair (March 2012)

Jetson demonstrating his hair combing skills, not as easy as it sounds when you don't have bicep muscles

First Horse Ride (Dec 2011)

Siblings (dec 2011)

Jetson and his older sister Olive, and younger brother Casper.

Jetson singes Bingle Bells

Jetson walks and sings jingle bells for Christmas 2011

Jetson Drawing

Jetson shows off his drawing skills (and Olive too!)

Running Skills (Dec 2011)

Jetson showing us how he runs, quick short steps and panting noises!

Walking all the way (Dec 2011)

Jetson can walk just as well without his boots.

Is Granny Coming?

Eating Skills (Dec 2011)

Jetson is getting better and better at doing things his way. Even without a bicep muscle, he is effectively feeding himself, you would never there is a problem. And don't all two-year-olds stick their fingers in their food!

> See also videos from his first 2 years and some photos.

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