The Adventures of Jetson

Videos of Jetson - first two years

Here are some videos of Jetson from his first two years. See more recent videos.

Note: These videos are hosted on YouTube. If they are not working, it may be that your server or workplace is blocking YouTube.


Jetson Golf Star (Oct 2011)

Much to his granny's delight, Jetson is showing some good early golfing (and walking!) skills.

Jetson Navigates (Oct 2011)

All of a sudden Jetson worked out how to change direction in his walker and now he scoots around the house


Jetson's first steps (Aug 2011)

Hooray, Jetson is now taking quite a few steps. He likes to only walk between the two of us - he knows that we will catch him! Thanks to Olive for taking the video.


Walking Frame (June 2011)

Jetson with his first (and hopefully only) walking frame after one day. I am sure he says at the end "I can Walk!"


Pulling himself up (June 2011)

Learning to Walk (May 2011)


Dancing and saying cheese (May 2011)


Shuffler (Feb 2010)


Steps (Dec 2010)

Jetson on our front steps, I'm ready to catch him.

Clever Stacker (Nov 2010)

Jetson demonstrating good arm control and strength. He has come a long way, helped by great determination.

Doing the Floor Shuffle (Oct 2010)

Jetson has leaned how to move across the floor

Doing a situp - check out his ab strength (Aug 2010)

Feeding himself - showing both methods (Aug 2010)

In a highchair in Malaysia, hot and puckered (Aug 2010)

Jetson showing his hand skills (Aug 2010)

Giggling to Mum (Aug 2010)

Sitting Unaided (25 May 2010), 6.5 mths old

Playing with his rattle (23 April 2010)

Helping with the Washing (22 April 2010)

Happy in Chair (14 March 2010)

Trying to Roll (23 Jan 2010)

Here's My Bossy Sister (2 Jan 2010)

Vocalising (30 Dec 09)

Wriggler (13 Dec 09)

Change Table (30 Nov 09)

Moving (28 Nov 09)

Tongue Poke




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