The Adventures of Jetson

Jetson Reilly Wood

Where does the name come from?

the Original JetsonsWe have been asked many times where the name Jetson comes from. Well we both liked the name Jett, but thought it was at the start of rise in popularity and we wanted something that would be unique. Jetson is just an variation of that name, that we 'invented'. We don't know of anyone else being called Jetson (as a first name). Maybe we will sart something.

A search of numerous baby name books and websites that include up to 100,000 baby names only found one reference to it. The name Jetson probably sounded familiar when it came to us because of the animated TV show the Jetsons, though neither of us ever watched the show and thought we were naming him after one of its characters.

We had the name ready for our first born, but Olive sounded like a much nicer name for a girl!

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