The Adventures of Jetson


Here are some of the messages Jetson has received, and others messages congratulating us on his birth. You can send you own message.

Hi all. Just to let you know. I am 58yrs and was born with arthogryposis.
Life's good . Time served engineer 2 kids and just building my own business. Jeff Jaques (Apr 2013)

Hi, your little boy Jetson is gorgeous and very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story. We adopted a little boy in May this year who is unable to walk due to having arthrogryposis.  Our son is 3 years old. He has it in his feet, knees, hips and mild in shoulders. We are from Melbourne, Australia. We wish Jetson all the best for the future. Kind regards Wendy (Oct 2012)

Hi Jetson, I live in Adelaide and I have a little boy, Rufus, who is nine months old and has had some adventures similar to yours in his life. I was so excited to see your photos and to read about your story and your family. Rufus also has had splints for his hips and currently for his feet. His elbows, knees and feet were tucked up tight when he was born, and he has a tight neck muscle on the right side. He is responding well to physiotherapy, and developing his muscle strength, but we don't yet have a diagnosis as to the cause. We are having lots of fun and adventures with our little boy as he grows up and learns to do new things. We look forward to following your adventures as you grow up too. Thanks for sharing. (from Taryn, Sept 2012)

Hi there you got yourself  a beautiful  boy! I live in anchorage Alaska and my son isaiah was born on aug 8th 2010. He was born with amyoplasia - arthrogryposis as well. He has no movement in his arms at all . Clubbed feet, internally rotated shoulder,  conyractures in both upper and lower extermaties. Always nice to know us parents are not alone in this. God bless your baby boy, and your family!!! Though its hard work its worth it all!! (from yulia, Sept 2012)

I came across your website tonight and have enjoyed seeing Jetson's remarkable journey!  He is a very special boy and I can tell that you all have a wonderful family!  My grandson was born with Arthrogryposis in his arms.  He will be a year old in October!  He is doing well, but I am so encouraged by Jetson and all of the things he has accomplished!  Thank-you so much for sharing your story!  It has really given me hope for my grandson! (Gayle, Sept 2012)

It is obvious that Jetson is a true blessing to your family and to the many who visit your website.  What an amazing little boy!!!  His smile and his story lifted my heart (Suzan Wooden, Sept 2012)

hi there! We thought we invented the name Jettson, that is what we named our son, born nov 13 2010, ha, i had no idea it was a name too . my husband is in physics and there are particles called jets, so we liked that, but wanted a full name, so my husbands name is jeff, so i kept thinking, well, he is jeffs son, jeffson, so then i thought, jettson! so he is jettson james, nice to know there is another with the best name! (from Sunday, Sept 2012)

Hi guys. I found your website on a random search on the net. I was surprised to see you named your son Jetson as we also have one! Our Jetson was born in 2007 and we too liked the name Jet but with a one syllable surname we conjoured up the name Jetson. It certainly is a name that arouses curiousity in those that hear it! My wife also met someone else at the local shops (in Perth Western Australia) with a child named Jettson so there are a few getting around. It sounds like you guys are having a hard time at the moment and I hope things improve very soon. Best wishes to your lovely family, Chris (July 2011)

Hello Jetson, Glad to hear you're doing so well! I LOVE your website, and wish i was as clever as your dad so that i could make one for my kids! You look very very happy, and i hope we can catch up again soon!? Regards, Marcel (July 2010)

Hey Jetson, Just wanted to say hi and tell you we are following your journal on here with lots of love. Keep up the great work buddy. PS you are so totally good looking!! xxHeuchans (July 2010)

I delighted to be included in the progress of Jetson. I have to say that he is a beautful little boy with such good fortune as to have two wonderful people to love and care for him. He is also blessed to a have a lovely little sister who will keep him very stimulated, no doubt. I look forward to hearing more of his progress. Regards NB

Congratulations Rob, Clare & Olive and 'Welcome to the world Jetson'... we are sending you all our love and best wishes. We are really happy for you all and he is in the best family possible!!!! Big hugs and lots of love P, M + 4 xoxoxoxo

Good luck from Jetson's Belgian fan club! TB (3 Dec 09)

Dear Jetson, From the oldest Wood to the youngest, WELCOME. Be assured of my prayers and may you prosper and shine like the stars. E (24Nov09)

Finally the website is here! Congratulations on the safe arrival of Jetson, some of those photos look like Olive! Very jealous of Granny and Grandpa's cuddles. Can't wait to get some of our own. See you at Easter.
xxxx L, P, B & C R

We're really happy that your family has increased and would like to say welcome to Jetson! We hope that everything will be fine for his health and his limbs in particular! We wish you all the best!! V, O, V & D (Italy)

Hi guys! Just wanted to check in and see how you are all going? I hope little Jetson is on the improve every day, he's just gorgeous. It's great to hear you are staying so positive and upbeat. Still it can be easy for you especially with the unknown. So I just wanted to let you know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers ... I hope you continue to receive good news and are coping ok. Take care and all the best, L (16Nov09)

Wow! Congratulations on your new family member, he looks very alert in the photo’s. I am not sure on what club foot is but am really glad to hear it is treatable. Glad that you are all doing well and that Olive is coping well with the new arrival. Take Care ! M & B A

Congratulations Clare, Rob & Olive! All the best for the best outcome with little Jetson!... by the way…. love the name! Fingers crossed his issues resolve themselves & you can soon be home to start your new lives as a family of 4! Cheers! N.

Congratulations to you, Rob & Olive on the safe arrival of Jetson. I hope you are well? Hope you all settle in well, and that Olive loves her new baby brother! JE

Congratulations and welcome to little Jetson. It sounds like you’re having an interesting time. Jetson is lucky to be in such good hands with you and Rob. I hope things are going well. Best wishes MM

Congratulations to you all! I hope everything goes great for Jetson! Luv LC

Hey guys, just a quick CONGRATULATIONS!!   Got your message only yesterday about the arrival of baby Jetson …  I hope everything goes fine over the next few days and would love to catch up soon.  We will be thinking of you guys and hope that Jetson has the best little arms and legs you could imagine, and even if he doesn't, knowing you guys that won't be a problem at all. Great news and can't wait to meet the little man and give you all a big congrats hug and kiss. Lots of love T&D B

Dear Rob, Clare, Olive and Jetson. Our love and congratulations... Trust you get all those things sorted and are all home on the weekend. Wonderful news! M&C R

Congrats Guys, Say Hi to Jetson for us and a big Hi to Olive as Hope everything goes well and stay in touch. Sorry we missed you guys when in Perth. G&K C

Hi expanding Wood family. Congratulations on the safe delivery of Jetson. All he best for this settling period and I hope all continues to progress well. Cheers MF

Hi Clare. Well done to you, and welcome to Jetson.  Sounds like you have your hands full with recovery, adjustment for Olive, and learning more about the mystery man. Hope it all goes well – enjoy this special time. LB

Hi Rob and Clare, It is lovely to see some pics of the kids, congratulations on the birth of Jetson, he is absolutely gorgeous!!! I can't believe how much Olive has grown since we saw you in Tennant Creek, she too is still gorgeous! You seem to be handling everything with your usual calm and positive outlooks. Sending you all our positive thoughts for your mystery man. Love A&R J

Congratulations Clare, Rob and Olive!! All the best with Jetson and Olive. Lots of Love SS

Congratulations guys, welcome world to Jetson. all the best, GH

Well done Clare - he is just gorgeous, and you look fabulous -you all do!  I hope the medical stuff is sorted out soon, and you are well looked after.  Sounds like they know what they are doing, and you are in good hands - nonetheless, must be a bit scary.   Rest well - I can't wait to see more pics. Thinking of you. Love JE

Dear Rob & Clare, A huge congratulations on the birth of your son Jetson.  How wonderful to have a little brother for Olive. We're sorry to hear that not all has gone according to plan and hope there is good news for you and your little man over the next few days. Best wishes, JB

Good news In one sense and some reservations on the other hand. I join with you for a positive outcome and I am referring the matter to the Lord on your behalf and on behalf of Jetson. Do keep us all posted. EW

Congratulations to you both, you both look thrilled, and why not with a healthy Jetson. Great name.  I predicted a boy.  Cheers from  P&R F

Congratulations Clare ... treasure every moment .. second time around I found that the ‘fears’ associated with being a new mother were gone, and I could just savour every moment. Olive is such a beautiful big girl now!Hope to see you soon in Melbourne soon. MIA

Hey congratulations! By my calculations young Jetson is a Melbourne Cup baby. You could hardly call him shocking though. You all look so well. I laugh at Olive holding her smile up. Olive is still on my screen saver. We are in queensland for my sisters wedding. got to keep moving but thanks for the email and looking forward to catching up with Jumbo soon. cheers C McC

Hello Clare and Rob, Congratulations on your baby boy. The pidgeon pair as they say!!!! I hope all goes well during the tests that Jetson has to go through. Will be keen to know how things go. With love Aunty Ellen

Dear Rob and Clare,  Our congratulations with the birth of Jetson. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love G&A B

Hey Clare and Rob. Congratulations. Hope you’re recovering well Clare (and Rob).  Best of luck over the next couple of days with Jetson. You have my sincere thoughts!! GC

Dear Clare. Congratulations to you, Rob and Olive on the arrival of your "mystery man", Jetson. Great news. We are delighted for you. Sorry to hear that you've had to have an unplanned stay at PMH. I'm sure that the amount of love you have for Jetson, coupled with the medical expertise at the hospital will ensure he will overcome whatever obstacles he has to. Stay strong and get as much rest at the hospital as you can. Look forward to your updates and news of Jetson's progress. Here's to a speedy recovery for you too! Thinking of you lots and lots. NH

Dear Clare and Rob. Thank you for sharing the news about Jetson's arrival. Congratulations and a big hug to all four of you. I like his name. I'm curious about how you chose this name. He is so lucky to be born to family who will love him unconditionally and simply adore him like you do Olive. It must be disconcerting  to deal with further exams/tests  of your baby boy but stay informed and reach out for support. Un super Abrazo (hug) RR    

Congratulations Rob and Clare on the arrival of little Jetson. Best wishes with his progress. Love GC

Congratulations on the new addition to the family guys! I hope everything sorts itself out over the next couple of days and you can get back home again soon. Justin A

Hi Roberto, Clare, Olive and little Jetson. Firstly congratulations on the birth of your little boy. Good to hear that he is alert, healthy looking and feeding well which certainly are all positives to keep your thoughts towards an optimistic outcome. I know that with Jetson's healthy mind and the love from a mum and dad as special as you both are is better than any modern medicine. Good to hear from you and I'll keep in touch. cheers. AH

Hi Clare, Glad to hear that Jetson arrived safely, hopefully everything is ok, medical people are so terrific these days, I am sure they will sort things out.  Let me know how you are going. Take care, and congratulations. LS

Dear Rob & Clare: We have just commenced our prayers for Jetson that he keeps his happy demeanor and that any corrective surgery he might need, is completely successful. Regards, Fr Anthony

Hi Clare, Rob and Olive. Congratulations on the arrival of Jetson.  Perhaps you are home by now? I hope you have some answers about your mystery man’s limbs by now too. PMH is certainly a well regarded hospital for such are a good place there. Glad to hear that Olive is excited about the arrival of a little brother. Take care and look forward to hearing the progress of little Jetson. EC

He is so cute.  congratulations. Good luck with the investigations I am sure everything will be fine. Well done guys. S&K H

Hi Clare & Rob, Congrats on your very handsome new arrival! Happy birthday Jetson! He looks so cute- you must be very proud. It must of been very scary transferring hospital & daunting with all the doctors.... hope Jetson is ok! I'm sending all my love to you all .... DC

Hi Rob, Clare and Olive, Congratulations on the safe arrival of Jetson to the Wood family.  We wish you all the best and hope that Jetson's limb problems are minor and quickly remedied.  We hope that you get some more sleep in the coming days and months, as we are hoping for as well. Take care and congratulations again. Kind Regards, DA

Congratulations on the new addition to the family guys!  JA

Congratulations to you all!!  I love JETSON.  We will say prayers for him and don't worry call us when you feel up to it. Lots of love, Alli & Reg

congratulations to you, Rob & Olive on the safe arrival of Jetson.  I hope you are well? Hope you all settle in well, and that Olive loves her new baby brother!  I'll give you a call in a week or so. Love JE

Hi Clare. Congrats on the birth of Jetson … another SDA baby. We hope all is OK. Best wishes, KO

Hi Guys, just want you to know the H’s are thinking of you. So looking forward to meeting Jetson. BH

Great News, love an hugs, Leanne

Warm fuzzies to you. Hope team wood are all well. Look forward to news of your home coming. NC

Hi Clare. Congrats on the arrival of Jetson. Hope limb issues getting sorted. JH

Hello Rob and Clare. Thanks for photos and info about dear little man Jetson. Our love to all xxxx J&P Wood

Congrats C&R on the arrival of Jetson. We hope everything works out OK with Gods help. Keep smiling all our love P&M C

Congrats on the safe arrival of Jetson. We look forward to meeting the little fella. Chris and Cate

Thanks for the update on your little man. Stay positive all our love and prayers for a good result from Jetson’s tests. Try and get some rest. Much love, E&L L

Thinking of you, Hope your getting some quality time with your bundle of joy. Enjoy these precious moments. NC

Finally! Congratulations to you both and Olive a baby bro. So happy for you. Hope all is well with you guys and look forward to some pictures. Take care, ML

God bless you … we’re all saying our prayers for you and little Jetson. SB

Congratulations and the new addition I look forward to meeting Jetson soon.

Congratulations! Hope the birth went well and you recover quickly. Am looking forward to meeting your new little one. DW

Finally another boy! Top work team. Congrats all round. Cup day as well. BH

Congratulations – so glad for your sake he decided to come. Love the name! TL

Congratulations! Look forward to meeting him. Take care and lots of love. R&C N

Oh wow, finally, yay yay yay! How exciting for you all, a beautiful little boy! Congratulations on the birth of Jetson, glad to hear all is well. Love to you, A&R J

Hey congratulations. Great to hear. Cath and Odin

Awesome news! Luv the name! Congratulations! So pleased he finally arrived. LU

Hoooray! Nice work cuz. SA

Congratulations and lots of love to all. Looking forward to meeting your little man. Lee and Ernie

Yippee … Congratulations on Jetson. Hope it all went well. SB.

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