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Jetson's Journal - 2nd Year

from Nov 2010-Nov 2012

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Jetson at the perth zooNov 3

Jetson's 2nd birthday. We had a family gathering at Black Adder Lake to celebrate this event. Thanks to everyone for all the gifts.

Nov 1

Granny and Grandpa over from Melbourne for 10 days. It was great to have them here, and they loved seeing Jetson and the kids.

Oct 25th

Orthotics apt to fix a strap, as they had forgotten to put a stud in the strap to hold it in place.

Oct 6

Single new AFO fitted for the right foot that had surgery.

Sept 20

Orthotics fitting. Jetson got his plasters changed today and the wound checked. At the same time they measured up for another AFO.

Jetson at the perth zooOct 26

Had a pretty good night, possibly because he was doped up on morphine all night. The cannula in his arm was placed in an unusual place near his shoulder. It must have been hard to find a vein to use, as in the recovery area the theatre nurse said that it was not to be messed with. It was used to replace his fluids intravenously and to inject his pain killers. It stopped working in the morning, but by them it had done its job. He is a 'tough cookie' like his big sister, and was ready to come home a couple of hours later. He is not allowed to put weight on his leg, so no more walking for a while.

Oct 25

Jetson had his operation today at PMH. It was a repeat on his right leg of the operation he had when he was a few months old to lengthen his Achilles tendon. He now has his leg in plaster for 6 weeks, and after finally mastering walking he now cannot walk for a while. It is only a temporary setback, he'll be up on his feet again very soon. He had to fast from 7am this morning, and did not go into surgery until 2.30ish, a long time with no complaints from him. He stayed overnight in 6A, Rob stayed too, a long night in a chair next to the bed.

Jetson at the perth zooOct 18

Is up and walking around, stopping, starting, turning, dancing. He is now officially walking.

Oct 6

Orthotics appt?

Sept 27

Surgery was due now but was postponed a month as there were no beds available.

Sept 4

Jetson adores his new baby brother, smothering him with love, hugs and kisses. It is wonderful to see such brotherly love. Let's hope it lasts.

Sept 1

Dr Honey appointment

Jetson at the perth zooAug 31st , 2011

A new baby brother!! Casper was born. Now Jetson is not the youngest, and maybe will have a little less attention.

Aug 22, 2011

Jetson is finally settling in to daycare a bit better. It is his 6th week, and even though he did cry at drop off again, he didn't cry at pick up and the staff commented that he had a really good day, and was happy all day playing etc. We have made some progress.

Jetson at the perth zooAug 17

Appointment with Clem McCormick in Orthopaedics. We brought this one forward as we want him to have a look at Jetson's right foot. He is getting a tender part under his foot which we think may be limiting him walking. On assessment by Clem he believes that his right Achilles tendon needs to be lengthened again (both feet were done at 3 months old). This is where they cut the tendon and then plaster his foot in a more flexed position to allow the tendon to grow back longer, giving greater flexion in the foot. They also did a hip x-ray to ensure the hip is still growing as it should be – results to be seen on our next visit. Jetson has learned to say the word 'sore', so at least he may be able to tell us (and has) when something is not feeling quite right.

JetsonAug 14

We got free tickets to a circus show from Kalparrin, which both kids absolutely loved. We took Jetson to the park with his walker, and he walked half way down the street, and loved the freedom to wander around the park. He is really getting the knack of this walking business, but is still having trouble steering the walker in the direction that he wants to go.

JetsonAug 13

We finally got the guts to try a bit of controlled crying at Jetson's sleep time, and it seems to have worked. He is sleeping throughout the night, or at least if he wakes he puts himself back to sleep or we can settle him without having to take him out of the room as we have been doing for quite a while now. What a relief and good timing given the new baby is due in a couple of weeks.

JetsonAug 12

Jetson is now taking 4-5 steps walking in between us. He loves to walk, and wants to practice it all the time.

JetsonAug 10

Dad has been taking Jetson swimming for the last few Wednesdays, as the hydrotherapy sessions are currently on hold. Dad actually hurt his back in the water and nearly dropped Jetson. He is going to need a few hydrotherapy sessions himself!

JetsonAug 8

Daycare today was a very bad day. Crying at drop off, even before we got out of the car, crying at pick up and apparently very unsettled during the day as well. Jetson has been quite shy and reserved around this age (21 months) and for the past month or so, and is really struggling to be separated from his mum. This is very challenging for a 38 week pregnant hormonal mother!! Should we continue?? We will try for one more week to see how he goes...

JetsonJuly 24

Jetson is once again sleeping a little better. He still has some nights of waking, but has had a few 'all night long' sleeps, which has been much needed in the household. His little brother or sister is due to arrive in 5 weeks.

JetsonJuly 20

Another daycare day, but a Wednesday this time to make up for our missed Monday. He was on report much better, only crying for the first 5 minutes, then again when Rob arrived to pick him up!

JetsonJuly 17

Reilly trip down south to Donnelly River. Jetson slept in our room (which we chose away from the others) and noticed he was a noisy sleeper. He is still getting over a blocked nose, so was coughing and spluttering a bit. It was a challenge to keep him quite so as not to disturb the rest of the household, which included Sharon, Matt and family. It was a challenge getting any child to sleep in the close quarter arrangements of the cabin. Some good news that Jetson and Olive will be getting a new cousin. Aunty Sharon is pregnant and having a baby in February 2012.

JetsonJuly 13

Jetson's sleeping is getting worse, he is starting to wake every couple of hours again, and he screams for long periods, making it really difficult to settle him. Rob is getting up for him at nights, as Clare is 34 weeks pregnant and would not survive if she had to get up. In fact broken sleep with the screaming is difficult enough. Even the normally durable Rob is starting to feel the effects of constant night wakings. This makes it a very anxious time with only 6 weeks till the new baby comes along.

JetsonJuly 11

Second day at daycare, for a period of 3.5 hours, slightly longer than last week. Today was even worse than the first day, and that's according to the carer who usually downplays these things. He only slept for half an hour, wouldn't eat his lunch again, and cried a lot all day being very clingy. He even cried when he saw me at pick up time. This is heart breaking, but everyone assures me it will get better??

JetsonJuly 4

Jetson's first day at Daycare, only for 2.5 hours to get him used to it. He cried a lot, didn't eat at lunch time, wouldn't sleep at nap time, fell asleep later on a cushion, and had just woken when I arrived for pick up!

JetsonJune 27

Jetson has been very sick. He was due to go to daycare today but we had to keep him at home. He has not been sleeping very well as he keeps waking up and cannot get back to sleep.

JetsonJune 18

His language skills are going ahead in leaps and bounds, he is even stringing two words together occasionally. “Max coming?” and "bib off" plus a few more.

JetsonJune 15

Jetson is pulling up to standing quite well now, and practices constantly. He is taking a couple of small steps from the lounge to a person, but we would not say he is 'walking' yet, but getting close. The walker has helped heaps to give him confidence standing up and taking steps.

JetsonJune 14

Hydrotherapy, first private session with another boy of the same age. Went well.

JetsonJune 13

Appointment with Simon Williams, neurology. He was really impressed with Jetson's development as he hasn't seen him for 6 months. He has come a long way! Simon also mentioned that kids by the age of two should know about 20 words. We made a list of all the words that Jetson currently says: ball, cup, boat, frog, walk, dog, bowl, spoon, Olive, bath, grandpa, sock, arm, hand, leg, eye, up, back, go, book, more, cheese, milk, no, bucket, home, nappy, poo, bee, egg, moon, stuck, dad, mum, nana, bubble. He also says the sounds for train, owl, duck, cow, pig, lion, elephant and lots more animals. That is well over 20, well done Jetson.

JetsonJune 7

The planned individual hydrotherapy session didn't happen as the pool was out of action. So we had a land based session instead. There was another little boy at the same session, who has a similar level of abilities to Jetson, and he uses a walking frame. Jetson got to try it out and was so good at it, Jenni recommended we get one... So we went down to the hospital loans department, and got it straight away.

JetsonJune 3

Jetson's granny and grandpa have been visiting here from Melbourne, primarily to visit their new granddaughter Anika, but also one of their favourites Jetson.

JetsonJune 1

Phone call from Jenni, at physiotherapy, to book in a private hydrotherapy session with Jetson and one other little boy. Starting next Tuesday for a few weeks. We also discussed his progress, and the possibility again of using a walking frame. So we will have a look at this next Tuesday. Jetson is still generally not sleeping during the day – except the occasional 'in the car' nap. He is also going through a stage of not wanting to go to bed at night. This could be pain related, as it seems very unusual after having no problems with night time sleep before.

JetsonMay 12

We all went on a holiday to Japan for 2 weeks. What a blast, Jetson (and Olive) had a wonderful time. Jetson wasn't shy at trying all the local food, he just loves noodles! The food is not too spicy, so there was never an issue of consuming lots. He decided to get a few teeth come through, on the few days before we left and for the few days after arriving, so sleep was not great in the first week. Jetson loved arriving home and did not want to go to bed after arriving at 1am in the morning realising all his toys were here that he hadn't seen for 2 weeks. All he wanted to do was play. All we wanted to do was go to sleep.

JetsonMay 8

Mother's Day. Nothing special was planned, we just went to the park for a play and mum got to spend lots of time with her special kids.

JetsonMay 5

Since about a week ago, just after immunisations and a few teeth coming through, Jetson decided he didn't want to have a sleep during the daytime anymore. Which is strange as he has been sleeping for 2-3 hours each day happily. So suddenly, he switches to none. He gets grumpy during that time, but seems to brighten up later on.

JetsonMay 4, 2011

Jetson has a new cousin, Anika Wood was born today.


JetsonApril 29, 2011

Dr Page, the Plastic Surgeon hand/arm specialist appointment was on today. Really this was a review for Jetson and a response to the comments from Dr Honey the 'shoulder guy'. Rohan (as I know him now) believes that the transfer of the lower limb muscle, which is actually just a change in the insertion point of the muscle at the elbow to further up the arm, will not make a profound difference to Jetson's contractual ability in his arm/elbow. He thinks that a transfer of the inner thigh muscle, to the bicep position will maximise the surgical effect, and give him 90 degree flexion in the elbow. This all sounded great, until he told me that surgery would be 7 hours, and hospital recovery would be 7 days with the arm in plaster, and the transfer of the muscle operation, may take up to a year to take full effect, and for Jetson to be able to have full purposeful use of his new arm flexion. Wow. The time frame for doing it he mentioned was between 3 and 4 years old. So the earliest possible operation would be in less than a year and a half! Although, they do like to wait as long as possible to allow the muscles to be as well developed as can be, so it may not be done till later than this.

JetsonApril 28

18 month immunisations were in order today, as well as Olive's 4 year old injections! (she turned 4 last week). Jetson's walking coming along well. He can push the new Ikea walker all the way along hallway – and he loves it too. He has fallen from it a couple of times, so is occasionally he is hesitant to try again.

JetsonApril 23

For Easter we all went to Cervantes for a few days, driving up along the Indian Ocean Drive and the highlight was visiting the Pinnacles.

JetsonApril 13

Dr McCormick appointment. Another review. Clem is happy with Jetson's progress, and has let us leave his AFO boots off for a few more hours during the day (rather than for just one hour). So he still needs to wear them at night. This is in response to him standing up more often and weight bearing to flatten his feet. Clem doesn't want to see him for another 6 months, which is good for all of us, but feels like no progress will be made.

JetsonMarch 19

Sharon and Matt's Wedding. A busy week in the lead up to this event. Clare is making the wedding cake and Rob is taking the photos – a real family affair! A lovely wedding, running very smoothly. Jetson came to the ceremony and not to the reception, while Olive attended both. We had Jetson looked after by our friend Tanya, who has a 2.5 yr old boy Marlon. He had a fabulous time staying with them for the evening. We picked him up at midnight, and he slept like a champion for the first time in a long time – no waking and slept in till 10am! Marlon must have worn him out?

jetsonMarch 17

The follow up appointment with Dr honey to review the arm muscle US scans. A better appointment, I think mainly because the registrar we had today was more inquisitive and probing. Dr Honey still believes he will benefit from surgery via muscle transfers, and they discussed the exact muscle they might use. The one on the inside of the forearm to move up to the bicep position. This will reserve the muscle running vertically down from the underarm for transfer to the shoulder at some later stage. That's the first I had heard of more shoulder surgery. Confirming my theory that they really only tell you what you immediately need to know. It is nice to know that there could be further improvements in the future to his poor shoulder strength. Given the muscle chosen for this surgery, Jetson has been (re)referred back to Dr Page who is the specialist plastic surgeon for hands and forearms. He is likely to do the surgery if they use the forearm muscle.

March 14

Hydrotherapy is continuing weekly on Mondays. He is slowly getting better at all the movements. Rob has been taking him most weeks as the hospital warns against pregnant ladies entering the heated pool. This week though Clare is on Kindy roster for the week with Olive. Jenni (our physio) has told us that Jetson might be 'graduating' next term. Wow what an achievement. Mostly in the belief that he won't get any greater benefit out of the classes. They focus a lot on core strength in these classes, which Jetson is so good at there needs to be a different exercises done with him. She thinks he might move onto individual classes instead to work a little more on his arm and leg movements, like doing some walking in the water.

March 9

We missed an appointment today – first time ever. Which is not bad given we have had so many over the last 17 months! I wrote it in the diary on the day after. They don't take too lightly to missed appointments, so hopefully we can get back on the schedule again.

March 1

Jetson's speech is improving so much. He now has most animal noises down pat, he can say 'more' to indicate usually more food. He has been saying 'gone' for a while now, again when the food is gone! His communication is just getting more understandable.

Feb 27

Jetson went to Melbourne with dad for a boys week away, stating with Granny and grandpa. Auntie Alli was there, and was we had a visit from Penelope, Rachel and Jacob. Jetson had a great time and did not seem to miss home, mum or Olive at all, thankfully.

Feb 18

He is still learning and saying more words like; bee, pool (his favourite) ball, look, block...

Feb 15

Jetson has learned to sit up. He had always struggled to move from the lying position to sitting, now he has mastered a technique from his tummy moving his legs around the sides of the body through the 'splits' position to enable his torso to pull up. He does not always do it, but it is certainly another step forward in his development.

Feb 14

Today sees a return to the weekly hydrotherapy sessions. It has been a big break, though lots of swimming elsewhere. He has probably been there the longest of all in the class – it maybe his last term as he is getting stronger out of the pool and probably doesn't get as much out of the sessions as others would.

Feb 11

Jetson is going to have a new brother or sister... Yes Clare is pregnant with number three. The 12 week scan was today – and all seems clear and looking good. The baby's tiny arms and legs appeared to be moving vigorously in utero, which was a relief to see!

Feb 7th

Returned to PMH to see if they could have any success getting blood from Jetson. It took a while, with lots of screaming, but they got half of what they wanted, lets hope it was enough.

Feb 4

Fitting appointment for new boots – Jetson has been wearing holes into the sides of the boots because of the way he shuffles around on the ground. A genetics appointment was also on today – a mad rush to King Eddies as we got the location wrong, assuming it was at PMH like normal. It was a very reassuring genetics appointment, with confirmation that there is fairly low risk of a repeat with our next child on the way. Jetson was sent for a blood test, however the phlebotomist could not find a vein, not having a bicep muscle does not help, so after 20 minutes of screaming they told us to go to PMH to get it done.

Feb 3

Dr Honey, the shoulder orthopaedic specialist appointment was today. Disappointingly quick, including no great words of encouragement about future surgery. Ultrasound scans were done of all muscle groups in Jetson's arms and legs, to have a closer look at his muscle development. As the results were not ready straight away, Dr Honey has asked us to return in six weeks.

Jan 27

We went camping near at Sue's Bridge for the long weekend, which Jetson enjoyed as always. In addition to the few words he now says, Jetson is starting to make lots of different animal sounds, which is really cute. He does pig, cow, duck and dog noises, as well as saying the word dog, which is his favourite animal at present. He is understanding more and more of what we are saying these days.

Jan 26

Clare's birthday celebration at Matilda Bay foreshore with family and some friends. Jetson can not stay away from the water, he just loves it. I think this has stemmed from his regular hydrotherapy classes. He bum shuffles the whole way down to the water's edge and into the water with no fear. Once he is on he also wants to go deeper. Lucky the water is fairly shallow and calm, so he enjoyed playing with uncle Paul and Trina holding him out from going deeper! Great day, perfect weather, good company, nice gifts, thanks everyone!

Jan 19

Jetson is sleeping so much better these days without his hip harness on. He did not wake last night, which has happened maybe 3-4 times over the last month of freedom, and generally he will resettle well himself when he does wake up. Life is so much better with some good sleep, not only for Jetson but also for mum and dad!! He is also sleeping for about 2-3 hours during the day as well which is fabulous.

Jan 10

The New Year is well under way, and after doing some discussions about the years' plans, it is exciting to think of where Jetson will be over the next year. He may start at daycare this year, hopefully he will be walking, he will certainly enjoy all the family holidays we have planned and much more. He has come such a long way so far and we have great hope for him in the future.

Jan 7, 2011

I realised today why Jetson slept so poorly last night... I have discovered an infected in-grown toenail, which looks rather sore. Poor fellow, I think he will have ongoing problems with his toes in the future. Despite still wearing the foot brace (AFO) at all times, his left foot is still not fully corrected, the toes all slant outwards and the toes are also curled under particularly the big toe.

Dec 31, 2010

New Year's Eve party for Ben's 40th birthday. Great night enjoyed by us catching up with some faces we haven't seen in a while. We dropped the kids off at Nina's after a bath and dinner, so both were sleeping like angels when we got there, so Nana didn't have much to do, as we transferred them to beds and scooted off to the party. It was not a terribly late night home by 1pm, but Jetson still on Melbourne time was awake at 5.30am!! Bother... It will take days to catch up.

loungingDec 29

Back to Perth today. An early start after a late night. Jetson slept nearly all the way, what a champion. It was a wonderful trip to Melbourne. Rob's mum and dad were great hosts as always. Jetson clearly developed more during this trip just by having so much more stimulation around all the time. With lots of practice he is standing and taking steps better. He added to his vocabulary. He will miss the dogs - pictures, toys and real. He will certainly miss Granny's attention. He will miss the golf balls and the long tiled hallway. It was also nice to have some time with no hospital visits!

Dec 28

Lunch with Jo Kolenda, then off to Penelope's 50th birthday party. Jetson had a great time before he finally slept in ergo carrier just as speeches happened. He transferred to the car and to bed without waking, for a long night's sleep. We had considered trying to adjust his sleep for Perth time before we left, but it was more important to just get a full night sleep. Most people from the Jordan family seemed to know about Jetson, despite him not having met most of them. He must be a popular topic of conversation.

cricketDec 27

A day at the MCG for the cricket. Jetson's first time seeing a test match live, pity Australia did not do so well. Jetson missed most of it anyway as he slept in the ergo carrier on dad for 3 hours. Yesterday was a family Picnic at Hanging Rock.

with grandparentsDec 25

Christmas day was the usual deal at Pam's house. Santa visited and delivered lots of presents. Olive got a dress up dress that she always wanted and a talkie walkie, while Jetson got some stacking buckets and cutlery. We waited for Leanne and family before opening more family presents and the lounge room looked like a bomb had hit. We then all enjoyed a lunch feast by granny as usual.

drummer boyDec 23

Peter Wood and family came to stay at Granny's too. Jetson had to move out the sewing room back sharing a room with mum and dad, and Olive had to share a bed with Rachel, which I think Olive enjoyed more than Rachel. It was really great sharing the house with more family, even though it was busy. Jetson was usually occupied by one of the three teenage cousins and got to show off his walking and bum shuffling skills. Olive was just on hyperdrive for the whole time absolutely loving having her 'big Sydney cousins' around.

elephantsDec 21

A trip to the Melbourne Zoo was very exciting for both kids. The highlights were the two baby elephants, the butterfly enclosure, the seal display and show performance, and the giraffes. Granny and Grandpa joined in the action and we enjoyed lunch at the cafe.

picking fruitDec 18

Today was a first birthday party for Harvey, the second child of one of Clare's old Melbourne playgroup members, Jane. Olive caught up with some old friends, and Jetson had some new friends to make too. All the kids had grown so much, and some of the mothers looked a bit greyer too! Yesterday we all went fruit picking in Baccus Marsh with Leanne and the girls. Jetson had a few fruits straight off the vine, I am sure no one was watching!

having a ballDec 12

An early start after having done most of the packing last night, to get our flight to Melbourne. Jetson slept for a good part of the flight, and Olive was very well behaved. So far every plane trip we have taken the children on has not been as bad as expected, we know they can play up on long flights and we have been fortunate so far.

feeding at xmasDec 11

We celebrated Christmas at home early with both sides of the family as this will be the last we will see of the Perth family until after Christmas. The Reilly's as well as the Woods enjoyed a scrumptious lunch, as well as present opening – just a taste of things to come – to spread the excitement out over the festive season. Jetson seems to understand the excitement of presents now, however he still doesn't understand how to open them. I guess given that his sister usually takes them off him what does it matter!

at xmasDec 9

An appointment with the neurology specialist Simon Williams today was really positive. He still strongly believes that Jetson's diagnosis is more closely aligned with the condition 'Amyoplasia' which means simply low muscle tone and is the most common form of Arthrogryposis, rather than some of the other forms of Arthrogryposis which can be genetic and usually with more severe symptoms and affecting the hands and a greater range of muscles as well. This is really great to hear, as it has such implications on if we have another child and what it means. But for Jetson he has what he has, and he has been finding his way of doing this, compensating for what he doesn't have - he is managing to do all the things that other little kids can do, which makes us so proud.

holding dadDec 8

An unscheduled appointment with Orthopaedics to check Jetson's hip brace turned out better than we had thought. At nights he bends the aluminium framed brace in with his leg strength, which renders it useless for its purpose. He has become too strong for it. So we thought there would be a different type they would fit him with, however after another hip x-ray Clem delivered the good news that doesn't need it anymore...Yippeee! Just in time for our holidays.

going down stepsDec 4

Jetson is 13 months old today and has started to take steps. While holding onto our hands he alternates his legs to step along. This is such a fabulous thing, as he usually moves both legs together rather than independently, this is such a positive sign that it won't be too long before he may be walking.

playgroup partyNov 28

The annual Playgroup Christmas party was held at the local park. We enjoyed a nice picnic in the park, with an obligatory visit from Father Christmas. Jetson was a little scared of big hairy old Santa, so he didn't spend too much time on the knee.

wais dinnerNov 27

Tonight was the WAIS annual dinner, so we frocked up and left the kids with Nana. We enjoyed a great night out, rubbing shoulders with sporting fame, however it was a challenging night for Nina, which found herself with Jetson awake and screaming at 10.30 at night. After a phone call to us during Dennis Lillee's speech, it was all sorted out.

bootsNov 22

Clare attended a work conference in Canberra, so Rob had to take over all kid duties for two days while she was away. He took Jetson to hydrotherapy, then to an orthotics appointment to get new boots, and to review his hip brace, which he has had since he was 6 months old. His new boots have a grip on the base of them to help him stand. They are also heavier, which is not great as he loves to swing his feet and hit them into us and the ground.

playgroup partyNov 16th

At playgroup today one of the mothers asked me how Jetson's legs were coming along. I proceeded to tell her that he was doing really well, getting around independently, starting to stand etcetera. She then said “Isn't it sad for you?” I had to ask her to repeat herself as she has a strong Indian accent... She repeated the same phrase. It made me realise that her thinking may be culturally different to me, because I am not sad about Jetson at all. Yes I was sad at first, soon after he was born, but probably mostly scared as to the unknown outcome of his situation. But, to have an amazingly happy, content, smiley, giggly child, who has every determination to do what he wants to do, and can do everything other little babys can do, is an absolute joy to me. He is 'my little sunshine' and makes me smile every day, many times a day just like any other child – maybe more. It is so rewarding and special to see him achieve some of the tasks we thought he may not be able to do; like feed himself, stand, and get around so very efficiently. I even have to baby proof the house as he is starting to get into the drawers and cupboards, something I didn't know if I would have to do, and am glad I have to!! So the short answer to her question is a resounding NO.

with dadNov 9th

It was time for another land based Physio appointment... Jenny had suggested a possible back or standing brace for Jetson a few weeks ago, so we were here to assess if that was needed. The fact that he is starting to stand and stretch his hip flexors out for longer time periods, meant we decided against getting artificial support as it is much more beneficial in the long term to do the work himself. We have borrowed a special stable chair for him to practice standing from chair sitting position, and it has rungs up the back for him to practice gripping and pulling up to standing from floor sitting. He is a long way off that yet, but is learning to relax his dominant quadriceps to bend-and-sit and stand. Seems so simple but a real task for for Jetson's imbalanced muscles. His biggest challenge is learning to get from the floor to standing, as well as how to take a fall, as his arms are not strong enough to break a fall on the face. He may have a few accidents while learning to walk. No doubt he will work it out though, as he amazes us all with his brilliant learning skills

stackingNov 8th

We made an appointment with the Orthotist today, as Jetson has been getting damage to his ankles and heels from rubbing along the floor. The skin is so tender and red, and broken in one spot. Those feet rarely see any fresh air or sunshine. Our new orthotist (the old one left for another job) is a new graduate, and she decided to get a new pair of boots made for him. Now he is starting to stand up, they need to recast the foot in the plantar or flat position to aid in walking. We are getting a new colour for them as well.

stackingNov 6th, 2010

Sharon's and Matt's engagement party saw the family get together again. Not much extended family, but lots of friends. The family is officially getting bigger again with the kids getting another 3 step-cousins instantly. Jetson impressed everyone by scooting, via bum shuffling, around everyone's legs at the party. All the other kids enjoyed the bouncy castle, but Jetson was just a little bit too young for it still.


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